7 Beauty Tips to Help You Look Younger than Your Real Age

Applying a little blush on the cheekbones helps skin look rosier, hide wrinkles and signs of sagging.


The bottom lip makeup is full

Thick lips can be trendy and make you look sexier, but it can make you a few years older. Instead, just thicken the lower lip to make the face look smoother.


Shaping the natural eyebrows

The line of eyebrows is so bold and big that the basic makeup error makes you look older than your real age. Make your eyebrows as natural as possible.


Pink cheeks on the cheeks

Pink cheeks are not just for young people. If you think like that, you’re wrong. The older you get, the more blush you will need. Striking a little above the cheekbones just helps to create a rosy glow to the face, concealing the blemishes such as sagging skin or sunken eyes.


True tone makeup background

The background is closer to the skin color, maybe a little whiter will bring better effect than the background is too white or too dark. You also do not need to make the block too bold because it will reveal the wrinkles on the face.


The hair is a little messy

A few strands of hair that don’t stick to the fold won’t make you look grotesque; otherwise, they bring a natural look to your face.


Natural light hair color

Bright hair color will help you look younger but it is not possible to remove bleached black hair and yellow. Hair color really helps you look younger than bright colors from one to two tones.


Wear small earrings

Small earrings are delicate accessories that help girls ‘cheat’ their age. Earrings that are too long or too big will ‘pull’ your face down, giving you a feeling of heavy, less fresh face.