How to Hide Deep Wrinkles With Makeup?

The biggest depression for women is probably the wrinkles on the corners of the mouth, the eyes, or the middle of the forehead … increasingly pronounced. Makeup will be the easiest and fastest way to keep face look youthful. However, if makeup is not done properly, then the wrinkles will accidentally become more pronounced.

Remember the “golden rule” and use the best makeup to cover wrinkles right away!

How to Hide Deep Wrinkles With Makeup?

Here is how to do the best makeup to hide wrinkles.

Moisturize fully and regularly

Everyone knows skincare is indispensable for any skin type. And, for those who have wrinkles and sagging skin, moisturizing the skin is especially important. It is because the older we get, the more we tend to lose the skin’s moisture and elasticity.

When fully moisturized, skin folds will look smooth, fuller, and wrinkles will be less visible. You should also use eye cream every day in the morning and evening to make the skin around the eyes hydrated. This will also limit the formation of deep wrinkles around the eyes.

Never underestimate the moisturizing and protecting steps, because if the “foundation” is too dry due to lack of moisture … it will be difficult to own a beautiful makeup.

In addition, when choosing base makeup, you should always pay attention to products with moisturizing supplements to increase the smoothness of the skin. In my opinion, multi-functional products such as BB Cream, CC cream are good choices for base makeup. What if you have an unfinished foundation tube? Mix it with your moisturizer, and then apply on face, that’s it.

Use Primer Before Foundation

Primer is a makeup product that fills pores and fine lines. However, when using a primer, use a moderate amount of it. When I apply it on my face, I use very little – usually only about half a pea size for my whole face (but to say that I do not have many wrinkles). It is because, if you apply more primer, the layer becomes thicker and looks unnatural. Of course, how much to apply depends on the face area of ​​each person, but according to my experience, the lesser, the better.

How to Hide Deep Wrinkles With Makeup

Primer and foundation of the same skin color

An important point to note is that to have a natural radiance and smooth face, the color of foundation and primer should match skin color. Also, prioritize products or choose makeup products that are anti-aging.

Concealer Properly

If you have a habit of putting lots of concealer on areas with wrinkles to hide it, stop immediately. The more you use it, the more visible the wrinkles are.

Eye area:

You just need to remember two things: “Always use eye cream” and “the less the better.” Because the skin under the eyes is very thin and almost has no oil gland, which causes wrinkles when we apply makeup. So, it is imperative that you moisturize well before apply makeup. Also, when using any skin product on your eyes make sure to use extremely small amount of it.

I myself never apply concealer directly on face. I take a little bit of it on the back of my hand and then use a sponge / brush to spread a really thin layer of concealer under eyes. However, you can use your fingers to dab lightly on the eye area. If you do not have a dedicated eye concealer, then use the chalk.  Brush it a little bit on the eyes to make the eyes look brighter.

A very common habit when using concealer for under eyes is that we often dissolve it in the direction of puffiness. This inadvertently causes pollen to follow the groove of the wrinkles. After a short time, these pollen will get exposed.

Mouth area:

For this area, I have a trick that is dab a little lighter concealer in the center of the fold of the mouth. Note that just in the middle, not near the ends. This will make the missing skin look fuller without thick makeup. Alternatively, instead of using a light-colored concealer, you can also use highlight powder or even a white eyeliner pencil.

Do not use too much concealer on the entire wrinkle. Take a little product on the tip of your fingers and gently dissolve with the press of the mile in the center of the wrinkle (the deepest wrinkle). This will fill the wrinkles in the most natural way.

Makeup also plays a very important role in giving shape to lips. Transverse it from the inside out and in the upward direction prevents the powder from flowing into the fine lines (smile lines). Further, it also helps to lift the facial muscles thanks to the physical effects of makeup.

Be Careful With Powder

For areas with wrinkles, do not spread chalks with a chalk cover. Use a large head brush for apply a powder coat (kabuki brush is the best) to smooth the makeup. If you accidentally apply too much chalk, the wrinkles on your skin will look like cracks in the desert.

Compliance rules spread powder spread

A rule that you should apply immediately if you have “unpleasant” wrinkles is to always spread the powder. Apply powder gently from the bottom to the top and from the inside out direction. This will completely dissolve the foundation within the skin while helping to lift the mechanics with the gentle pressure of the chalk.

The ideal makeup powder product is like pollen that can remove wrinkles and creates 3D lifting effects. It also gives the face more depth, and at the same time, maintains efficiency.

Brush The Powder With A Large Head Brush

When you’re too thick on chalk, a moment later, your skin looks like cracks in the desert which will make you look old. To fix this, use a large-headed brush instead of a cotton ball to spread chalk over the wrinkle area. The brush will help cover enough areas with little powder to smooth skin and remove wrinkles without being too thick.

Only Draw The Upper Eyelid

For eyes with wrinkles and puffiness, apply only a thin eyeliner and light mascara on the upper eyelid. Do not apply eyeliner on the lower eyelid, but apply mascara on the lower eyelid. Besides, you should also avoid drawing the eye in the Cleopatra style because this only makes others to focus attention on your wrinkles.

Light Lipstick And Soothing Cheeks

Dark lip color will “accuse” the wrinkles on the face. Ideally, you should choose a light, bright lipstick like peach, coral pink, or nude tones with a bit of emulsion to make your face look fresh. Accordingly, choose a gentle cheek color that matches with the lipstick color to create a uniform face, while fading the wrinkles under the eyes and around the corners of the mouth.

Fix Makeup That Drifts In The Middle Of The Day

The climate and skin type make makeup messy in a short time. No matter how good I use the alkaline products, after 4-5 hours, the makeup will be messed up. Areas with wrinkles will likely have fine lines inside. (You may think oily / combination skin is wrinkle-free, but you must know that oil and moisture are two different concepts).

And even if the skin is very oily but if you suddenly lose 10kg, it is difficult to avoid the lack of toned face and many ‘traces.’ The simplest remedy for this is to use a blotting paper, spray mineral water, and then use a clean sponge to gently pat on the face. And, finally, cover the face with a thin layer of chalk.

With these tips, you can have a glossy foundation all day long! It’s not that difficult, youthful-looking skin is hard, right? Wish you always live confident with radiant beauty!