What Is Konjac Sponge and How to Use It?


The Konjac sponge is a dried out cupola of sponge cake and it gives a sponge’s texture where this sponge is made from the natural konjac source. It was first invented especially for the Japanese farmers to cleanse a baby’s skin in which these sponges are much greater gentle one for exfoliating the dry or dead skin during your daily face wash. Konjac sponges get harden when it is dry so in order to keep them soft you need to soak it in the sink or shower for a minute to soften them before using it. The konjac sponged are available in different colors each one specifies different active ingredients. For example the grey konjac sponge would be infused with the charcoal, the green one would be on the green tea and red might be red clay in which there are endless options are available.

Comparing to your regular dish washer the konjac sponges have multitude benefits where this best konjac sponge is referred to be the best and popularly used facial sponge by professional facilalists. The following are the few steps that describe how to use the konjac facial sponge where these below guidelines are considered as useful one for the beginners. They are:

  • Use the konjac sponge twice in a day – The konjac sponges exfoliate and cleanse will gives you a glowing and smooth look to skin in one simple step, without using the harsh irritating physical scrubber.
  • Use the sponge with water or with your favorite face wash – When you first use the konjac sponge then it will gives you a tight texture that really creates a feel not to use the sponge. Before using the konjac sponge you need to fill the sink with the warm water and submerge this konjac sponge for a minute until the sponge expands and look soft.
  • Use circular motions – You need to use it in a circular motion all over your face to eradicate and lift your daily grime and make-up.
  • Squeeze and leave the sponge to dry – Once you complete your cleansing work then use the sponge as a last rinse and then press it to take off the surplus water from the sponge and then hang the konjac sponge to dry properly.
  • Replace the sponge after six weeks – Konjac sponges are natural material and they will start to biodegrade in over time so you need to take care of your konjac sponge in order to last the sponge for around 6 to 8 weeks. But the professional facial experts recommend replacing the sponge after 6 weeks to make sure that your skin stays healthy and clean.
  • Use the sponge on your body and face – When it comes to your body care especially tanning then the solution is to use best konjac sponge. You need to soak the konjac sponge in water then use it in the extra dry or acne prone areas to give effective exfoliation and deep clean.
  • Compost it afterwards – The konjac sponges are 100% biodegradable one so these sponges can composted along with your plant leftovers, fruit and vegetables for getting the happy body and face skin.

How long the konjac sponge will lasts and suitable color of konjac sponge to use

Actually, some of the konjac sponges are pure which means it won’t produce any wicked germs while you sleep, all you need to do is that you need to replace the konjac sponge after a month in order to be safe. The konjac sponge is available in the dark-gray or black color which is infused in charcoal where this works well for your skincare product. The konjac sponge also contains the additional ingredients such as like clay or charcoal where this gives any effect on your skin. The different colored konjac sponges are generally infused with skin specific clays (such as like pink clay for the sensitive skin and green clay for oily skin) where these two infused konjac sponges will be providing the same results to your skin. So just don’t get too hung up on the differences of sponge instead of this just grab a sponge and use it.